There are many fantastic photography websites out there and way more than I have time to read. Here are a few of my favorites. I'll add to this list from time to time when I find something that I begin reading regularly.  In the meantime, chew on these:

Another great site for mirrorless users.  There is a wealth of information here including, in-depth reviews, interviews and tons of articles.

Another great resource for the new and seasoned photographer.  They have a podcast as well, although I currently don't have room for it in my listening schedule.  

Digital Photography Review
If you are a photographer and you don't know about this site, you must check it out.  Hands down the best and most thorough gear reviews anywhere.  If you know of something better, please let me know.

Nicole Young
I first found Nicole through the TWIP podcast. She's a writer as well as a photographer and has many books and e-books on various topics including Canon gear, onOne Software, food photography and more.  If you haven't thought about food photography before, you will after reading her blog.

Brian Matiash
Brian is a recent convert to the mirrorless world. Check out his free e-book "Moving to Mirrorless".  He discusses why he made the move to Sony and the images he shares will make you want to drop what you are doing and go out and shoot.