An oldie but a goodie...Tom Bihn Co-Pilot

I have collected a lot of bags over the years.  Ask any photographer and they will tell you they have yet to find the perfect bag.  I do have a lot of camera bags, but I also have quite a few all purpose shoulder bags and backpacks.  One of my favorite brands is Tom Bihn.  I have reviewed their pouches and the Synapse 19 backpack previously. You'll even see one of the Tom Bihn padded pouches in the video below, although I forgot to call it out as one of theirs.  

One of the downsides of collecting a lot of bags is I'll use one for a long time and then when I find something new that might fit my needs just a little better, the old bag sits on a shelf.  One thing I like to do from time to time is dig an old bag out of the closet and put it to use again.  This is what happened to the Co-Pilot.  Several weeks back I decided to start using it again and just after a day I remembered why I loved this bag so much.  It's extremely versatile and checks off a lot of the boxes for why I choose a bag in the first place.  It's compartmentalized, it can store a lot, and it's durable.  I've been caught in the rain with this bag, it's been shoved under airplane seats and even after tons of use, it still looks good.

I posted a video of the bag on YouTube and linked it below for your convenience.  It's a bit long and I use the word "durable" a lot. :)  If you use any of Tom Bihn's products, I think the same word will come to your mind as well.  In the video I say that the Olympus PEN-F would not fit when I was demonstrating the large back pocket of the bag.  What I meant is it wouldn't fit well in the large sewn in pocket, but it fits fine as I go on to say, in the back of the bag.

As of this writing the co-pilot is still available on the Tom Bihn website and retails for $140.  Click here if you want to check it out.