Artifact Uprising - Wood Block + Prints Review

While chatting with a friend at work recently, something on his desk caught my eye.  A very simple wood block with a stack of prints protruding from a slit in the wood.  I immediately inquired and wanted to know how I could get one of my own.  This was my introduction to Artifact Uprising.  

The product I was admiring is their Wood Block + Prints.  I love it for it's simple design, but when I read the story of how this product was conceived, I love it even more. Read about it here.  

The block and prints can be seen in this photo to the right.  This one was a gift for my nephew.  That's my adorable great nephew in the middle there.  A block plus a set of 12 textured paper prints will set you back $23.99 as of this writing.  

According to their website, "The wood block is handcrafted in Colorado using mountain beetle pine reclaimed from our forests."  

The prints are 5 x 5.75" in size with a bottom weighted border.  The paper is a hefty, 120lb card stock.

The ordering process is super easy.  All you need to do is upload 12 photos and adjust them to fit in the sizing box provided.  Make sure all of your photos are appear in the frame otherwise you might get some blank prints. I ordered 3 sets and had them in a little over a week's time.  

If 12 prints are not enough for you, refill packs are available for $9.99 plus S&H. The refill pack includes 12 prints on the textured paper. 

Despite the thick textured stock, the photos are sharp and the colors beautifully rendered. It makes a great gift and you may even want one for yourself.  Click here for more information.