Initial Thoughts - Olympus PEN-F

Image courtesy of the Olympus website

Image courtesy of the Olympus website

Every time Olympus announces a new product, I have to hide my wallet.  My Facebook and Twitter feed light up with reviews and comments from my friends.  The announcement of the Olympus PEN-F was no different.  

As soon as I laid eyes on this camera, I knew it was going to be hard for me to resist a pre-order. It's totally retro looking and I love it.  On announcement day I started reading all of the articles. My friends Mike Boening and Jamie MacDonald, Olympus Trailblazers, created a video that showed the camera up close and gave an overview of the features with actual images.  Check out the article and video here.  

If you are interested in hearing more about it, Mike and Jamie will host a live Google+ hangout all about this new camera tomorrow night.  Tune in to the Mirrorless Minutes show at 8:00pm ET on 2/1:

The most appealing aspects of the PEN-F for me are the retro design, the location of the viewfinder and the new profile controls.  The new sensor and 20 megapixels are nice, but that's not what wowed me about the camera.  

The one big deterrent and reason for not clicking the buy button is the price.  It's a whopping $1,199.99!  It's not weather sealed, does not have 4k video and there aren't enough new features to warrant that high of a price in my opinion.  I already own the OM-D E-M1 and the OM-D E-M5 Mark II, both of which cost less than this new camera.  If they priced it around $799, I think I would be more inclined to consider adding it to my collection.

Here are some more early looks and reviews of the PEN-F.  

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It is a compelling camera and maybe I'll get over the sticker shock and purchase it, but for now, my credit card is safe in my wallet.