Podcast Recommendation - TWiP Family with Jenny Stein

I've been on hiatus for a while.  I didn't intend to be gone this long, but the holidays came, things got crazy, and before you knew it, it was 2016!  The first anniversary of this blog is almost upon me.  What better time to start writing again.  So for this first post of the new year, I have a recommendation...a podcast that I absolutely love...TWiP Family

I love podcasts.  Several years ago my podcatcher was full of productivity and Mac podcasts with a few photography podcasts thrown in here and there.  Today it's dominated by photography.  I have been a TWiP listener for a very long time and over the past year or so, they have expanded their network to include a variety of topics:  Street Photography, Gear, Weddings, Travel and my favorite, Family.

The TWiP Family show is hosted by Jenny Stein.  A mom of four that loves talking about photography.  She's warm and engaging, and loves to laugh with her guests as they talk about funny family stories and capturing your family's best moments.  If you're looking for a purely technical show with lots of talk about gear and f/stops and shutter speeds, this show is not for you.  You will, however, learn a lot about a broad range of areas as Jenny takes a deep dive with her guests on topics such as making prints, how to start a 365 day project, backing up your photos, organizing your photos in Lightroom and more. 

The focus is on family and so you'll hear a lot of talk about capturing the special moments in thelives of you, your children and your extended family.  I don't have children myself but I do have a family and am always looking for unique ways to document my life and theirs.  Through this show I have learned of so many photographers whose work I now follow.  I learned about Clickin Moms, a wonderful member oriented site where you can browse forums, post photos and get critiques.  They also have a wonderful magazine called "Click".  I'll write more about this wonderful site another time, but my point is through Jenny's interviews, you'll be exposed to many photographers that have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer, including Jenny herself. 

In addition to interviewing a variety of guests, Jenny occasionally does Q&A episodes.  Episode 30 is one of my favorites.  Take a listen here.  Listen to Episode 21 to hear why Sarah Wilkerson uses a 45mm tilt-shift lens to photograph her family.  A tilt-shift lens?  Wait, what?!  You just have to listen to the episode to find out more.  You can even send Jenny a question that she might chooseto air on the show.  I did and you'll here my question on an upcoming episode.  Check out the show notes for more information on how to submit a question.

Give the podcast a try...it's like sitting in your living room chatting with a good friend about photography.

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