Tenba Switch 8 Camera Bag Review

Camera bags...the never ending quest for the perfect one.  I recently purchased the Tenba Switch 8.  I've been using it for a little over a month and I've been loving it.  It has a few features that some of the other shoulder bags I own do not have and it doesn't necessarily look like a camera bag.  

The reason Tenba added the word "Switch" to the name is that this bag has a zippered cover that is removable therefore allowing you to "switch" to another color or fabric.  There are five colors in addition to the basic black that is standard. The bag has three zippered compartments in addition to the main camera compartment.  The rear zippered compartment fits my iPad mini in it's Logitech keyboard case.  The two zippered compartments in the front of the bag are perfect for carrying batteries, a lens cloth or wipes, your media card wallet among other things.  It has two mesh pockets on either side of the bag to hold a water bottle, mini umbrella, eye glass case, etc.  

Two features I love about this bag are the zipper opening on the top of the bag that allows easy access to your camera and the tripod holder on the bottom.  These two features are one of the reasons I purchased this bag.  The bag when empty is not heavy compared to some other bags I own, which makes it ideal for carrying for long stretches at a time.  Another benefit is that it doesn't necessarily look like a camera bag.

I've been using the bag as my main street bag for a little over a month and have really enjoyed using it.  I just got back from two workshops in Chicago and had only one gripe which is something I mention a few times (sorry, I was a little repetitive about this fact) on the video and that is I wish the shoulder strap were a little wider.  I did neglect to mention one feature on the video review and that is on the large front flap there are little flaps on either side that you can extend over both ends of the bag that act as a barrier when it rains. They will just prevent the droplets from entering the side of the bag, but are not much more protection than that.  Tenba does provide a full rain cover with the bag, however. 

The price is pretty reasonable at $99.95 at this writing on Amazon.  You can also purchase direct from Tenba on their site by clicking here.  

Check out the video review below.  It's a little lengthy, as I like to show all of the features of the bag with options for carrying gear.  I know it always helps me when I can see what a bag can hold.  I hope it helps you too.