In praise of silence...

When I heard that Olympus was coming out with the OM-D E-M5 Mark II, being the gear head that I am, I was excited.  When it was revealed that it would have a silent mode, I was absolutely giddy!  How silent would it be though?  I read reviews and watched some videos of others that had the camera before me, but I needed to hear it (or not hear it) for myself. 

One of the first things I did when I unpacked this camera was take some photos.  Immediately I noticed the shutter sound was different.  The sound is a little more subtle than the OM-Ds that came before it.  I then went in search of the setting to make the shutter completely silent.  It's in Shooting Menu 2 as pictured here. When set to silent the shutter cannot be heard at all. I had to check the playback to make sure I was actually capturing images!

When considering this purchase, I thought the ideal application would be for street photography. There are many times I've been in locations where I would have liked to take a photo, a train for example, where I was too close to a subject and firing off a photo would have easily been detected.   Well no more!

The past two weekends I attended both a baby shower and a wedding shower.  Events where photography is welcomed and expected.  What I didn't realize is how nice it would be to take photographs in stealth mode. Often times I was sitting right next to guests and who wants to hear the constant sound of a shutter firing off time after time?  It was so nice to not have to even think about whether or not I was disturbing the other guests.  I even received a few remarks from attendees who asked if I was actually taking photos because they couldn't hear anything.  

I'm so thrilled that Olympus added this feature! Weddings, street photography, anywhere you need to be discrete...this is the perfect mode!