Freehands Gloves Review

If you have to deal with freezing cold weather, you no doubt have to wear gloves when you go out shooting.  Working the buttons and dials on your camera and/or phone can be challenging with gloves.  In recent years, technology has brought us fancy gloves with special tips that allow you to work a touch screen without removing your gloves.  My experience has been that some are better than others and I have even had some that stopped working over time.  Those gloves however, don't offer much for operating your camera.  Sure you can work a touch screen if your camera has one, but rotating dials and trying to press other small buttons can be difficult.  That's when Freehands gloves come in handy.  The forefinger and thumb can be exposed on both hands allowing you to easily access your camera's controls.  They have little magnets that keep the flaps back and out of the way.  They are very comfortable and come in a few different fabrics.  The pair I have on in the video below is a men's small and they were about $30.  You can find the pair I have at B&H and at Amazon.  Note that the Amazon link goes to a size medium.  I couldn't find the style I demonstrate in a men's small. 

Watch the video below for a closer look.  Apologies for the sounds of the geese in the background who chose my recording time to be very vocal.  Also you'll hear my dog shake and grunt.  She's a Pug, she can't help it. :)