Out and About With the E-M5 Mark II

So today was a little bittersweet.  I said goodbye to my E-M5.  This is the Olympus camera that started the love affair with the OM-D series.  This is the camera that permanently shelved my Nikon D7000.  I took the E-M5 that I packed ever so carefully, to the UPS store and sent it to its new owner.  My only hope is that she will get as much enjoyment out of the E-M5 as I did.  No doubt when I acquired a used E-M1 from a friend, the E-M5 took a backseat, but I still loved it and even without some of the bells and whistles, the E-M5 still held a special place in my heart.

Also shipped off today was my Olympus E-M1.  Back in December, I was out shooting and something strange appeared in my viewfinder.  I thought it was dust on my sensor, but nothing appeared on my images and you could not see these smudges when looking through the LCD.  I asked all of my Olympus friends if they had ever heard of such a thing.  There were a few theories, but no one really knew what it was.  I wrote to Olympus and they said that it sounded like a burnt EVF screen from possibly pointing the camera at the sun or bright object.  Well, that didn't happen and of course they were speculating not having seen the camera first hand.  So I filled out the online form, paid the $183.99 advance payment and off it went today.  Hopefully I'll get it back in short order and it won't cost any more than that.  We'll see. Take care of my sweet E-M1 Olympus!

After dropping of the cameras at the UPS store, my Think Tank Perception Tablet was waiting in my car holding another piece of precious cargo...my new Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.  It was time for a test spin.  It was pretty frigid out today, so I didn't stroll around town too long, but I did exercise the shutter a bit.  First of all, the shutter does not sound the same as the other OM-D's I own.  At least to my ear it doesn't.  It's a tad bit softer.  I browsed the menu to find where to silence the shutter completely.  True to the word, it's completely silent.  If you put it up to your ear, you can hear a very faint click, but no one near you would possibly hear it.  

The EVF is super crisp.  I had the 12-40 Pro lens on it and while it felt pretty balanced I do miss the beefy grip of the E-M1.  My thumb was riding a bit high on the thumb grip and I nudged the dial a few times accidentally changing my aperture setting.  I definitely need the extended grip, which is on order and will hopefully be here soon.  I'll have more thoughts on the usability and performance in the days to come.

Here are just a few images from my walk around town.