Peak Design Cuff Review

I've been using the Peak Design Cuff wrist strap for some time now and I love it! Yesterday I reviewed the BlackRapid SnapR 35 which came with a wrist strap.  The Cuff is similar in size and weight, but the Cuff has 2 distinct advantages:

  1. The strap is made out of much smoother material that does not a feel abrasive on your wrist at all.  The BlackRapid strap fabric is a little more course and not as silky feeling.  
  2. The BlackRapid strap attaches to the camera body by a fastener that threads into the tripod socket, which means when you need to use the tripod, you first have to remove the strap. The Cuff attaches to the camera's built in strap eyelet of your camera via the provided anchor links. This anchors can stay on your camera at all times.

The Cuff retails for $19.95 (as of this writing). It also comes with two anchor links. I keep one on each camera for ease of use.  Additional anchors are available to purchase in a 4-pack for $9.95 on the Peak Design website as well as Amazon.  You can even wear the cuff as a bracelet when you are not using it on your camera so that it's always at the ready.  

Thanks to the unique anchor links, you can attach the strap to nearly anything that you can secure an anchor link to. The strap is easily adjustable and can be stashed in your pocket, purse or camera bag when not in use. I usually leave mine attached to my camera at all times. 

I had the privilege of meeting the folks at Peak Design last November when I attended the Photo Expo Plus in NYC.  They have a lot of cool products definitely worth checking out. I have the Clutch and the Leash which I will be reviewing soon.  The great thing is they all use the anchor links and therefore it's easy to switch from one product to the next.  

Keep an eye on this company. They are continually releasing innovative products. They recently released "The Slide" which I tried out at Photo Plus Expo.  It's a very comfortable shoulder strap. Similar to the feel of the leash and cuff, but much wider.  Maybe if they like this review, I can persuade them to send me a review copy. :)

Check out my video below for a closer look at the Cuff: