BlackRapid SnapR 35

The other day I wrote a review of Think Tank Photo's Hubba Hubba Hiney.  It's my favorite street bag when I want to travel light, but if you want the ultimate in portability look no further than the BlackRapid SnapR 35.  This bag won't do if you have a regular DSLR. This bag is for small cameras only.  It worked well with my Olympus E-P3 and I can just squeak by with my Olympus OM-D E-M10 without the additional grip.  For small cameras, you can leave the camera attached the strap and when you are ready to use it, you just slide the camera out of the bag and you are ready to go.  I can't do this with the E-M10, there is just enough room to squeeze the body inside the small camera compartment.

This is a well-made, padded bag with zippered pockets on either side and a main compartment that can hold and E-M10 or equivalent sized camera. The side pockets can hold some batteries and even a pancake size lens like the Olympus body cap. But it won't hold much more than that.

You're really getting three products in one: a bag, a camera sling strap and wrist strap.  The strap is attached to the bag and is easily removed for use as a stand alone camera sling strap.   I use this strap frequently as it's sturdy and light and perfect for my mirrorless bodies. When the sling strap is attached to the bag, you can attach your camera to the gliding strap at the same time. If you would like to leave your bag configured this way, you can throw an additional lens into the main compartment instead for even more flexibility. The included wrist strap is a nice addition to this ensemble giving you several ways to carry your gear. It's a smart design and you can easily go from one configuration to another as I demonstrate in my video review below.

For the absolute minimalist that still wants a little protection for your camera  body, this is the setup for you.

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