Think Tank Photo - Hubba Hubba Hiney Review

I love a good bag. Ok, I don't just love them, I have an obsession.  I'm always in search for the perfect bag.  There's usually one or two things that I would change that keeps it from being perfect.  That said, the Hubba Hubba Hiney is pretty darn close to my ideal bag.  It's small, it's light, but yet large enough to fit my OM-D body and a few lenses.  

When I'm ready for a day of street shooting, I pack my OM-D E-M1 or E-M10, my 25mm, my 17mm and the 8mm body cap lens.  I carry a few extra batteries, a camera strap, Field Notes pad, pen, tissues and a lens cloth.  The main compartment has enough room to carry my E-M1 with the 12-40mm Pro lens attached and the lenses I listed above.  Remove the dividers and other lenses and you can fit the new 40-150mm Pro lens with a body attached. 

Last year on a trip to Chicago, I was able to fit the HHH into my backpack fully loaded and I had plenty of room for other personal items. As my second carry-on, I had my Think Tank Retrospective 5 also filled with gear. This allowed me to have two shooting bag options to choose from during my workshop.  

Earlier I said it was "close" to being my ideal bag. What would make it perfect? I would remove the velcro strip on the back of the bag and add an open or zippered pocket instead.  I'll forgive Think Tank though as this feature allows this bag to be used with their belt system.  That's just me being nitpicky. This is the ideal bag for me when I am street shooting. It holds everything I need, my camera is easily accessible and it fits all of the accessories I need for a day on the street.  It's small size and lightweight design make it a pleasure to carry around all day.

If you like to travel light, this may be the bag for you.

Check out my video review below.